These vitamins are guaranteed to support your immunity in autumn

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Autumn is already here and with it frequent gloomy moods and weakened immunity. After a sunny summer and holidays comes a rainy autumn and a lot of work, whether for students or employees. It gets dark earlier and dawns later in the morning, how many times does one really not want to get out of bed. Our immunity also takes a hit, with autumn many diseases swarm. But what vitamins are guaranteed to kick you up a notch?

Autumn is rich in colors not only in nature, but also on the plate. A lot of beautiful crops are ripening and good food from seasonal food is the basis of success. Of course, supplemented with a good portion of proteins (lean meat, dairy products, legumes, fish, eggs) and spices, which will also support our immunity. How about such a panacea ginger and, for lovers of spicy food, chili? Therefore, focus on a varied menu and you will definitely not be troubled by a lack of vitamins.

The basis for good immunity – vitamin C

We have known since childhood that vitamin C is the key to good immunity. It can be found in many fruits and vegetables. The best-known carriers of vitamin C are citrus fruits, followed by potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, cranberries, or perhaps rose hips and sea buckthorn. You will definitely find all these foods in the stores in autumn. And if you still feel that you don't have enough of it, or you feel that something is creeping up on you, you can also reach for food supplements. We recommend the gradual release one.

Vitamin D rediscovered

With the corona virus era, vitamin D is especially popular again. Because we get it mainly from sunlight, it slowly starts to decrease with autumn, so it is advisable to replenish it gradually. In food, it is mainly found in fish oil, liver, egg yolk and milk. Unfortunately, we only get a very small amount of it from food, so it is recommended to take supplements in the form of tablets or syrups.

You will never spoil anything with a B

Vitamin B should be the basis of every diet. Don't forget to top it up in the fall as well. You can find it mainly in meat, yeast, cheese, legumes, nuts and whole grains. You can also reach for food supplements again, easily in combination with other vitamins.

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The unobtrusive helper of zinc

Did you know that zinc deficiency can lead to unwanted weight loss, slow wound healing, memory impairment or sensory disturbances? Therefore, it is important to regularly include this mineral in your diet. You can find it in liver, dark meat, milk, egg yolk and seafood (mainly oysters), as well as in whole grains, beans, nuts and pumpkin seeds.

Dangerous, but still necessary selenium

High doses of selenium are toxic to the body, but its deficiency can adversely affect the cardiovascular system and increase the risk of heart attacks and vascular diseases. The ideal daily dose is 60-200 micrograms. Selenium is found in nuts, offal and marine fish. There are many dietary supplements available in the market, but be careful about its daily intake.

Don't forget the iron

Although we receive enough iron in our diet, only 10-15% is actually absorbed. Our body absorbs iron better from meat than from plant-based foods, so vegans are advised to supplement iron in other ways. It is especially important for pregnant women for the proper development of the fetus. Red meat and offal have the most iron, as well as legumes, cereals (especially quinoa), broccoli, tofu, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds, dark chocolate, dried fruit, nuts and various types of mushrooms (mainly dried mushrooms).

And we can continue even further, you certainly won't spoil anything by supplying calcium and magnesium . If you know that you are not the biggest eater of vegetables and fruits, use the Daily Essentials product, which contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are absolutely necessary for the body. Also, don't forget a regular drinking regime, good sleep and walks in nature. All this will help you maintain immunity and a good mood.