The first fully personalized supplement tailored to your biology.

Enter a new dimension of biohacking.

Your Ultimate Flow

A unique product developed based on genetic and blood tests, as well as an analysis of your specific needs.

Because you deserve premium personalized care.


1. Comprehensive testing

The initial testing includes a DNA test, a saliva test, and a blood test. We send the testing kits directly to you, so you can collect all the samples in the comfort of your own home.

DNA testing provides information on health risks, how the body handles stress, nutrient absorption, and over 240 other genetic predispositions related to drug metabolism, disease predispositions, and physical traits that can be used to maximize quality of life.

Blood and saliva testing provide precise information on vitamin and mineral levels, as well as the development of cortisol levels throughout the day.

2. Analysis of your needs

Together, we will thoroughly discuss your lifestyle and specific details of your habits.

As part of the detailed diagnostics, we will discuss nutrition, exercise, and your athletic goals. We will also focus on assessing stress levels in your life and sleep habits.

Together, we will determine the specific areas to target for maximum effectiveness of supplementation.

3. Your unique supplement

The final composition of your supplement will be completely tailored to your needs.

We base the development of each supplement exclusively on the latest scientific findings and data regarding the specific needs of your body.

Supplements are provided for 12 months. After the first year, we are happy to analyze the entire experience with you and, if desired, optimize the composition for the following year of use.


Customized supplementation is the future.
And the future is now.

Traditional supplements are often developed based on the needs of the average population, aiming to satisfy as many people as possible. However, the functioning of each individual's body can vary significantly from this average. Genetic predispositions, including deficiencies in certain vitamins or minerals, as well as varying abilities to process specific substances, also play a crucial role. Lifestyle, age, and current health status further influence supplementation needs.

That's why Your Ultimate Flow develops products based on comprehensive test results, lifestyle analysis, and genetic predispositions. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of the product, providing the body with precisely what it needs—no more, no less. But our customization doesn't stop there. Through personalized products, we can also address specific issues you face daily, such as poor sleep, lack of concentration, or excessive stress.

Are you ready?

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