One order, two minutes, up to 20% off for life

You can now subscribe to Flow products. How does it work? When ordering, simply select the “subscription” option, which will automatically give you a 15% discount on each product or package. Combined with the usual volume discount you're used to from us, you can save up to 20%. That's definitely worth it, isn't it?

Monthly, quarterly, even annually...

We understand that everyone is different and has different needs! You can set the frequency of your subscription yourself. Daily Essentials delivered to your home every month? No problem.

Does one pack of Focus last you three months? It will be waiting for you every quarter. And you don't pay anything in advance. Payment for each order is only deducted when the package is shipped.

Plans can change

A Flow subscription isn't a commitment. You can adjust or cancel it anytime, and you can always renew it later. Naturally, there are no fees for these changes.

Do you already have a Flow subscription and want to adjust it?