Efficiency, high quality substances and science. That's what we build on.

We harness science and the latest knowledge, seeking solutions to problems. We create synergy among ingredients in perfect combinations to help you keep up with the pace of modern life, where success knows no slip-ups. That's why we develop everything in accordance with strict hygiene standards, HACCP standards, in compliance with WADA anti-doping rules, and according to EU regulations. And most importantly, according to our own standards. We develop products for the proper functioning of the body in the demanding conditions of the 21st century. Discover dietary supplements that are a little different. Discover Flow.

From idea to product


It all starts with an idea for a product that helps solve a problem, one that we often tackle ourselves and for which we can't find a high-quality solution on the market. Often, you provide us with tips as well. Thank you for them!

Study & Science

We gather as much information as possible on the issue, review studies on individual substances, and, in collaboration with experts in the field, put together composition proposals.

Careful Ingredients Selection

We approach suppliers for individual substances, check the quality of raw materials and the content of active ingredients.

Product Testing

We combine substances, test their optimal quantities, and fine-tune everything to perfection. We won't offer anything we're not satisfied with ourselves.

The Final Product

We send the product out into the world. However, we continue to monitor the latest scientific knowledge, fine-tune the product's composition, and develop improved versions. We don't rest on our laurels.

Cooperation with Experts

We want our products to stand up not only in theory, but above all in practice. That is why we collaborate with industry experts, doctors, scientists and professional athletes on development and testing.

Working Together