5 tips to reduce stress in no time

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If you don't have an hour to the nearest park to lose precious time, go to nature. But bring nature into your home as well. Equip your room with pretty evergreen houseplants. They will clean the air, produce oxygen and are a joy to look at. A Japanese study that found lower levels of stress and anxiety among those who had houseplants on their desks after one month is just one of many that confirm that looking at greenery relieves stress, reduces fatigue, and improves mood and performance.


A number of studies from the past decades prove that chewing gum reduces stress at work and during studies. Chewing gum is recommended for university students during exam period. In addition, British psychologists claim that chewing gum also strengthens memory. Students who chew gum while studying remember the material better, but are also more focused and more responsive to external stimuli.


With each smile, the brain produces a new series of neuropeptides. These are nerve proteins that take care of the proper communication of cells in the body and ensure that you function well in general. In addition, each smile will increase the amount of endorphins and useful neurotransmitters, which are indispensable when dealing with stress: dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine will give you motivation and serotonin will give you confidence. Rely on your own smile!


Stress tempts us to reach for a glass of wine or a bottle of something sharper. It has its own logic, it works in the short term. After consuming alcohol, the human body flushes out endorphins and serotonin, and we feel good. But whether we like it or not, alcohol is an addictive drug. This means that if we repeat it with him a few times, we will already need him to regulate stress. Without it, not only will it not work, but it will even be worse. Even a small addiction increases anxiety when the body lacks the drug, i.e. alcohol.


Meditation really works. You need a quiet environment in which you can sit comfortably, pleasant music and soothing candlelight will help. On YouTube you can find relaxing mixes with binaural beats that deepen the level of meditation. Beginners often make the mistake of forcing themselves to relax the mind. Don't do that. Be positive and kind to yourself. Let your mind float freely in thought. If you are sufficiently attuned and surrounded by a suitable environment, the mind will calm itself. Suddenly, you will find yourself concentrating only on your inhalation and exhalation... Ten minutes of meditation will strengthen you every time you need to focus and get rid of stress quickly.

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