Immune Bundle

Immune Bundle

A properly functioning immune system is the foundation of good health. It protects us, learns, and improves. The Immune package is specially designed to maximize support for your immune system. It includes D3 + K2, the Immune product, and Antioxidant, which acts as cell protection against adverse external influences and oxidative stress.

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Immunity pack

Discover unique combinations of natural substances, vitamins and minerals. Daily Essentials supplies the body with what it needs every day, in just two handy capsules. D3+K2 is a combination that contributes not only to a strong immune system. And the Immune product completes the package to help you build a smarter, more resilient immune system.

Daily package

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Variants differ according to the products they contain and their size.

Yes, the packages are created so that the products complement each other and can be used at the same time.

We have assembled the package so that you have the power of nature at hand (almost) in all situations of life. As a bonus, we add a significant discount compared to the purchase of individual products.