Mindflow earplugs

Mindflow earplugs

Are you looking to drown out the surrounding noise or your own thoughts? Or perhaps you simply want to indulge in a peaceful, undisturbed sleep? Your ticket to the world of silence is within reach. Flow Earplugs reduce ambient noise by up to 32 dB. They come with four different-sized ear tips and a practical case, ensuring that you always have your earplugs handy.

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We believe in science, not superstition


In practical terms

The practical case is part of the package and you can use it to reuse the plugs. Maybe even on the go.


Subdue external noise

Who doesn't sometimes need to stop perceiving the surroundings and concentrate as much as possible? Plugs reduce ambient noise by up to 32 dB.


It adapts to the maximum

The headphones are made of EVA foam, which precisely adapts to the ear and fills every gap. So the decibels have no chance to penetrate.