5 tips for great Christmas gifts (not only) for managers

Do you have a successful person in a managerial position in your area and are you wondering what could be a suitable gift for them for Christmas? We have some interesting tips for you. Forget the boring pens, calendars and wines that managers receive in abundance every year. Surprise them this year with something they don't have yet or something they'll enjoy after a hard day at work.


Don't have to write it down by heart

Such an annual constant among gifts is a diary . But beware, for men and women in higher positions, just any one is not enough! On the market you will find an abundance of designs, colors and orientations. For managers, business diaries are suitable, which have a slightly different breakdown and mainly the planning part. If you want something really special, you can have them make a custom-made diary at Brašnářství Tlustý. You have certainly already heard of diaries from well-known brands such as Moleskine, Doller or Cleverminds, you can never go wrong with them.

Food supplements directly for managers

The last tip focuses on health and efficiency. Mindflow offers natural food supplements in a special set just for managers . The package includes the very popular Mindflow Stress Free, which banishes stress and helps induce a feeling of relaxation, Mindflow Focus (also in the Decaf version), which gives you an instant kick and Mindflow Hangover, an appreciated help after a demanding company party. In the extended version, you will also find Mindflow Drive to suppress fatigue while driving, for example to a work meeting across half of the country.

It was a lot of work, now it's fun

Male and female managers often have very busy schedules and forget about each other. To take care of your body and mind. If the recipient is someone very close to you and you can afford a more valuable gift, why not get him or her a stay at a spa or wellness hotel? The offer is very varied. We can recommend, for example, the resort Svatá Kateřina, Chateau Mcely, Carlsbad Plaza, Chateau Herálec, Alchymist Grand Hotel or Grandezza Hotel . A special tip for gentlemen is the beer spa, where they can meditate in a wooden tub full of hot water with hop ingredients and a mug of beer in hand.

An unconventional wallet? That is also possible.

Another gift that might immediately come to mind is wallet . Here, too, it can be taken unconventionally. The Czech company Made 2B Unique has created an incredibly minimalist leather wallet that you can assemble yourself. Such minimalism will also appeal to women, which is why they offer different color designs. If the recipient does not like minimalism, you can have a leather wallet made for him with his company's logo or engraved initials. The good news is that even a vegan can get an original wallet with a personalized design, made of leather. You can also find unique wallets on the website bringing together skilled Czech creatives - Fler.cz.

Stay dry

A great gadget not only for managers - the Czech brand CityZen has launched special T-shirts that do not let sweat onto their surface. So even if you sweat, no one will know anything. But most importantly, you are still dry! Such a T-shirt is perfect for work, under a shirt, but also for normal walking or sports.

Whatever you end up buying for your loved ones, we wish you a happy and relaxing Christmas holiday spent with your family.