How a hangover occurs and how to avoid it

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How to get rid of a hangover

Almost every one of us has experienced it. It is general discomfort that arises after excessive alcohol consumption . A hangover only occurs when the body has metabolized all the ethanol 1 (in layman's terms, it appears the moment we sober up). It can last up to 24 hours and therefore greatly affects the functioning of the next day - it reduces our productivity, worsens attention, concentration and somehow makes the next day worse for us.

What are the most common hangover symptoms? 3

Occurrence percentage (1516 Danish students surveyed)
Fatigue 96.2%*
Thirst 90.7%
Headache 88.2%
Nausea 81.4%
Weakness 80%
Problems with concentration 78.7%
Decreased attention span 78.6%

Interestingly, only 75% of the population suffers from a hangover 4 and to achieve it, at least 1 per mille in the blood is needed, although there are exceptions among us who need less.

Causes of hangovers

The cause of a hangover is, of course, excessive consumption of alcohol - ethanol 5 . The one in the body it triggers many processes that together trigger a hangover . So we can avoid it by "drinking in moderation" (sometimes confused with "drinking in moderation" - but that doesn't always work), or by trying to eliminate the individual problems that alcohol causes. With some, our product will help directly, and for others we will reveal tips so that you can avoid them yourself.

How a hangover occurs and how to avoid it

Problems caused by excessive alcohol consumption:

Dehydration – Alcohol disrupts hormones in the body and thus causes dehydration 6 . In response, the body begins to excessively retain fluids (morning swelling). Dehydration causes headache and thus contributes to a hangover.

TIP 1 – While consuming alcohol, it is important to also drink soft drinks to avoid dehydration.

Mineral deficiency – During dehydration, the body also loses important minerals 7 . This phenomenon is often cited as the cause of a hangover, but according to studies, this is not the case 8 , minerals (Mg, Zn, Se) have a different effect in Mindflow Hangover

Vasodilation – After one shot, we feel warmer. It is not that the body temperature increases, because ethanol dilates blood vessels 2 and the heat from the inside of the body thus reaches the peripheries, where we feel a rush of heat. In addition to peripheral parts (hands, legs, face...) ethanol also acts in the brain, which also results in a headache.

Acetaldehyde – Since the body wants to get rid of ethanol, it metabolizes it into other substances. However, it temporarily creates an even more harmful substance inside the body - acetaldehyde. In the study, it caused headache, nausea, and vomiting after administration, which correlates with the symptoms of a hangover. Therefore, it is considered the main cause of its formation 2 .

Hypoglycemia – Alcohol inhibits gluconeogenesis (= slows down the production of glucose in the body) and can cause hypoglycemia 9 , which is manifested by general weakness and headache. This can occur in people on a low-carb diet or in of people who don't eat before drinking alcohol!

TIP 2 - Eating before drinking is important, sweets in the morning will also help - for example, juice.

Acidification of the organism – Our body reacts to a drop in blood sugar by starting to produce ketones, free fatty acids, lactate and other substances, which leads to acidification of the organism 9 . This is manifested by nausea, vomiting and headache.

Immune changes -Immune changes are considered to be one of the main reasons for hangovers 10 . During hangovers, increased CRP values ​​by 50% and increased cytokine values, which indicate the body's immune response, were measured.

Disturbance of balance- Ethanol disrupts the balance of many substances in the body. For example, an increased concentration of serotonin, histamine 11 and lack of magnesium ions 12 in the brain can cause a headache.

Damage to the organism by free radicals - During the metabolism of ethanol, so-called free radicals are formed in the body, which damage the organism 13 . The liver suffers the most, because that is where their formation directly occurs.

Impairment of sleep – Alcohol shortens the REM sleep phase and reduces the depth of NREM sleep 14 (will worsen regeneration during sleep). As a result of drinking in the evening, the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) also decreases 15 . Together, they cause shorter and less quality sleep.

TIP 3 – Get at least 7 hours of sleep after the party. Sleep is very important for the body, especially if the body is to regenerate properly so that you are not sick.

Congeners and other substances- Congeners are substances contained in very small quantities in alcoholic beverages. They are formed during fermentation and are, for example, methanol, isopentanol, amines, amides, acetone, etc. Study 16 attribute a large share of hangovers to these substances, however The only thing we can do is influence the choice of drink (we will discuss this in a separate article on our blog). Other causes also affect hangovers (smoking, bubbles in the drink, other drugs but you will read about that in the next article).

How does Mindflow Hangover help?

It contains several substances that will help with acetaldehyde. On the one hand, an extract from the pulp stem, which accelerates metabolism acetaldehyde 17 and the body gets rid of it faster.

It also contains a combination of L-cysteine ​​and vitamin B1, which have been proven to protect the body 18 before the action of acetaldehyde. This exact combination of L-cysteine ​​and vitamin B1 so helps against hangovers and at the same time protects the organism from damage.

It also contains Siberian ginseng 19 which helps correctly regulate sugar levels .

The minerals magnesium, zinc and selenium help with overacidification of the organism.

According to a study, a highly concentrated extract of prickly pear reduces CRP to normal levels during a hangover 20 . It also contains Selenium and Zinc, which play an important role in the immune system 21 .

Vitamin B6 helps the hormonal system to function properly, and magnesium in turn replenishes ions in the brain and it will help to avoid headaches 22 .

Mindflow Hangover also contains Milk Thistle, which helps protect and function properly in the liver 23 . The already mentioned Selenium 24 and Zinc 25 , are also involved in the formation of glutathione – a very important antioxidant in the body. So our product helps to protect the organism in the long term.

Mindflow contains Magnesium, which by its effect 26 promotes quality sleep.

How are you doing with your hangover? Are you one of the lucky 25% who don't suffer from anything in the morning, or do you have a headache and are useless all day?