Flow recycling program - Return and recycling of glass containers

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Flow recycling program We care about health. Cheers to us and the planet. That's why we decided that we don't want to burden nature or our health with unnecessary plastic and will pack our products in glass containers.

Plastic pollution is an ongoing challenge worldwide. Every year , 29 million tons of plastic end up in nature , contaminating natural ecosystems and affecting the health of all living beings. Growing concerns about the immediate and long-term health consequences of food and water contamination with plastics (including macro-, micro- and nanoplastic residues) cannot be lightly ignored. One option is to spread awareness about the growing problem, the other option is to actively participate in the solution. So we rolled up our sleeves and embarked on a more ecological option.

Why are plastics unsuitable? 

Components of plastic packaging have previously been found to chemically interact with foods containing fat and sometimes bind directly to the surface of the food [ 1 ]. Such a transfer of ingredients from the packaging material to its food content represents a potential health risk. Additionally, PET, a common plastic used in the food and beverage industry, is a source of endocrine disruptors [ 2 ] . These endocrine disruptors leach from the plastic packaging into the consumables it contains. Even at standard room temperature, phthalates (potential endocrine disruptors) are known to leach from PET packaging into various food contents in the presence of water [ 2 ].

Endocrine disruptors are hormonally active substances that can disrupt the function of our hormonal system. Endocrine disruptors disrupt the production, transport, action or secretion of natural hormones in the body, which are responsible for development, behavior, fertility and maintenance of homeostasis (normal cellular metabolism).

Why is glass perfect for packaging?

Glass is a homogeneous inert material, in other words it is not subject to biological decomposition or causes the decomposition of other substances with which it comes into contact.
It does not contain any toxic substances and at the same time there is no risk of negative interactions with other natural chemical compounds that would release harmful substances from the glass.

Glass is therefore ideal for packaging food and dietary supplements.

It is always best not to create waste at all. An acceptable alternative is to reuse the packaging, which is why we offer the opportunity to return Flow product packaging to us and breathe new life into it. How to do it? Look below.

If you do decide to throw away the glass packaging, please head to the bin designed for glass waste. We and nature will thank you.

Recycling program + discount!

Honestly, not all glass packaging is more environmentally friendly, but we decided to take it one step further.
Now you can package your used medicine bottles and send them back to us, at our expense . Not only will you get a discount on your next purchase , but we will recycle or reuse them.

The system works very simply. If you have accumulated 5 or more glass medicine bottles from our Flow products at home, the steps are as follows:

  1. - Wrap them carefully
  2. - Fill in the form
  3. - Take the goods to the nearest Post Office and say the code 94788350

And it is done!

We will give you a discount of CZK 10 for each returned medicine bottle. After receiving the undamaged packaging, we will send you a coupon with a discount by email, which you can use when shopping at flow-nutrition.cz

Win-win for everyone. And especially for nature!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us keep the environment we live in healthier.