Mindflow pen

Mindflow pen

What you don't write down is forever lost in the folds of your brain? We are the same. And so we were looking for a pen with which we will lovingly transfer words to paper and even better tick off individual TO DO boxes. It fits not only in the eye, but also in the hand. Accurate and comfortable. Therefore, she became a valid member of all packs.

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We believe in science, not superstition


It fits in the hand and in the eye

She emerged victorious from the bitter struggle of 24 pens, and not in vain. It fits perfectly in the hand and holds well.


Touch more than just the paper

A pen at one end, a touch controller for all displays at the other end. So you won't let it go.


Emphasis on the quality of execution

Do you write until your hand is full of smoke? The pen has a matte non-slip surface, so even a wet palm will not interrupt the creative transfer to the paper. In addition, it has a high-quality filling that does not miss a beat.