Protein Isolate

Protein Isolate

A quality source of protein to support regeneration and growth of muscle mass.

Protein isolate is a pure powder made from premium whey protein isolate from New Zealand "pasture-fed" cows. Each serving contains 27 grams of high-quality protein with virtually zero lactose, carbohydrates, and milk fat content. For those who want quality protein for muscle growth and serious recovery.

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No unnecessary chemistry

Maximum efficiency

Protein, that's what it's all about

We're not interested in sweet talk or ingredients that are just for show in products. Want to supplement protein? Choose unflavored whey Protein Isolate. You won't find any sweeteners, flavorings, or aromas in it. It's rigorously tested for mold, harmful bacteria, and heavy metals. We stand behind offering you the cleanest protein possible.

We believe in science, not superstition


Supports regeneration

Proteins from whey isolate contribute to the growth of muscle mass after exercise, thereby supporting the overall regeneration of the body.


Muscle building

Whey protein immediately increases muscle protein synthesis and, combined with resistance training, contributes to muscle mass growth.[1]


Body weight management

Protein Isolate affects the feeling of satiety and can reduce the release of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and appetite.[2]

Pure composition in maximum quality

Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

27 g

The purest source of protein available. It is easily absorbed and digested. It has a lower content of carbohydrates and lactose.

More information

How to use the product?

When to use?

Take within 30 minutes after training or anytime during the day for a protein boost.

What amount?

Mix 30 g of powder (1 scoop) with 250 ml of water. The measuring cup is included in the package.

More information

It is not a substitute for a varied diet. The product is not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place up to 25 °C. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Content weight: 900 g (30 servings).

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Protein Isolate contains 27 grams of protein per serving, while EAA Flow technically contains no protein (it contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein). You can use both proteins and amino acids without worry, because their benefits complement each other. In fact, a study [1] showed that EAA + whey protein supported a greater rate of protein synthesis and overall body protein balance in the body than whey protein alone. This effect is a good indicator of the body's anabolic reaction supporting muscle growth.

The opposite is true. Although it is pure unflavored protein, it has a very pleasant creamy and milky taste. If you still don't like the taste, by adding it to porridges, smoothies and other drinks and foods, you will create a very tasty mix that you will like very quickly. :)

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