How to master exam and state papers - 3rd part

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In the first and second parts, we focused on the approach and learning itself. In this article we will focus on life balance because studying is not a sprint but a marathon and for the best exam results you need to be rested and mentally fit.

Enough sleep

Absolutely crucial for the brain. During sleep, the brain regenerates, removes waste products of metabolism, but above all processes and stores new information in long-term memory. The length of sleep is individual, some people need 6 hours, others need 8. But all extremes or significant changes in biorhythms just before the exam are not recommended from a physiological point of view.

Sports or at least walks

Movement is the best form of relaxation for a tired brain - physical activity will provide energy, blood flow to the body, flush out hormones and we will feel much better.

Social life

Even while studying, feel free to go for a quick coffee with a friend or lunch with classmates. Social contact has a beneficial effect on our psyche.


The here and now principle. Not blaming myself that I should have started studying earlier or worrying about how it will turn out. You can read more about mindfulness and its benefits here.

A full, varied diet

A diet that contains enough nutrients. Brain activity is extremely energy demanding, so don't be surprised that you may be more hungry and give the brain everything it needs.

Maintain self-respect

This means changing out of your pajamas, washing your hair, etc. It may seem like a small thing and a waste of time, but it has a huge effect on the psyche.

Beware of too much caffeine

And other stimulants - here too, less is more. Also beware of energy drinks and other artificial products - they often contain a large amount of sugar, additives and dyes.

Make sure you have enough oxygen

and fresh air. Therefore, ventilate regularly.

Final advice - listen to your body. If it doesn't work, stop for a while and change the activity, get comfortable, rest, and then continue.