How to relieve stress from school

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In the exam period or before the semester, everything is poured directly on the head. But what about that? How to get rid of the stress of school and avoid the stress of the pressure of learning?

Stress can make you happier

In the beginning, it is good to realize that stress is not necessarily the enemy. It could be your partner. Eustress is stress with which they learn better. It acts as a stimulant and encourages better performance. The brain restores and maintains as if you oiled the engine. Now let's show you how to carve the good eustress out of seemingly unmanageable distress.

1. Mode as in the military

Once upon a time, a hunter had to know exactly how to move in front of his prey. He had learned the movements so automated that he no longer had to think again about what to do at what stage. Brain and muscles focused the saved energy on the resulting attack. It greatly reduced the likelihood that he would get it wrong. He was able to be extremely focused under the greatest stress. Today we would say that he implemented the flow technique . His body knew the schedule of movements by heart.

It works the same with the schedule of the day. Automation of actions is a balm against stress. Create your own calendar, plan the length of the lesson with respect to deadlines, set aside time for food, exercise and rest. Be strict with yourself, but be realistic. A schedule reduces stress, so you learn better and up to a quarter faster.

2. Take off the gas

Tempo affects the stress response. You probably already know that it doesn't pay to push the saw. Above all, don't watch the time. Set timers, but avoid constantly checking how much time is left. Thinking about time while learning is multitasking. And it exhausts the brain unnecessarily.

3. Watch out for your morning coffee

Caffeine increases cortisol as does stress. Therefore, replace at least one coffee a day with a less stressful life stimulant. The adrenal glands produce the most cortisol in the morning, roughly within 45 minutes of waking up . That is why it is good to give up coffee in the morning. There are substances that have the same stimulating effect on the body as caffeine, but work differently. They are adaptogens. They help increase resistance to stress by reducing the production of the stress hormones corticotropin and corticoliberin during exercise. These include ginseng or rhodiola .

4. Customize your environment

Inappropriate light, noise from the street or from neighbors, smoking, but also bad relationships with those closest to you. These are all significant stress factors. Do not cause conflicts with household members, get earplugs and adjust the place where you will study so that you feel as calm as possible.

5. School stress relievers that really work

Without means to combat stress from school and for better learning, everything is much more complicated. The best ones help the brain connect different parts. L-tyrosine increases reactivity and enables better handling of cognitively demanding tasks . Complex adaptogens , which we have already mentioned, have a strong effect against stress. An adaptogen is brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), which lowers cortisol levels and improves mood. You will also need magnesium for the proper functioning of the nervous system and against fatigue . Most remedies work better as a synergistic mix .

6. Effective learning methods

Include in the testing schedule. Self-testing belongs to the so-called active learning methods , which improve the ability to remember something and also make learning more fun with them. Include other proven and effective learning methods .

7. Less is more

Stress increases fatigue and error rate. It is better to prepare for a worse result than to make mistakes during the test due to stress. If there is a lot of subject matter, it is not a bad idea to leave something out at the beginning when planning. And don't underestimate yourself! Stress also increases when you don't trust yourself. Building a healthy self-confidence is a long way to go , but before each exam you can gently push this boundary yourself.

8. A healthy brain in a healthy body!

Movement and the sun should not fall out of the schedule. It can take the relaxing form of yoga or autogenic training , which effectively reduce stress. But it is also necessary to maintain blood circulation in the body and to include your usual sports repertoire in the preparation for the exam. A walk or aerobic movement stimulates the lymphatic system.

9. Anti-stress food

Include anti-stress foods in your diet . Vitamin C reduces levels of stress hormones. In case of nervous tension before exams and against fatigue, you also need a higher supply of group B vitamins . Supplement a balanced diet with functional teas.

10. Sleep against stress and for better learning

In fact, sleep is the alpha and omega of being able to handle stress-free learning effectively. Sleeping less than 8 hours significantly increases stress levels . Chronic stress, on the other hand, means a lower quality of sleep, fewer REM phases and less deep sleep in delta waves. In them, procedural memory is consolidated, where everything you learn is stored in long-term memory. So, simply put, you won't remember anything without deep sleep .

We ourselves know very well how stress can be mentally demanding and exhausting . That's why we developed the Mindflow Stress free product , which contains a mixture of adaptogens, herbs and amino acids to effectively reduce the impact of stress on the body and improve mood. 

So we have stress under control.
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