Effects of CBD that are not talked about so much

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Cannabidiol CBD stimulates vitality and improves quality of life . Some of the effects of CBD aren't written about as much. All of them are based on its neuroprotective and homeostatic properties. What else can CBD do?

  • ▪ Improves sex and orgasm
  • ▪ Alleviates acne
  • ▪ Makes exercise/training more efficient
  • ▪ Works against aging
  • ▪ Works for migraines
  • ▪ Eliminates motion sickness (in a car or bus)
  • ▪ Protects against multiple sclerosis
  • ▪ It is easier to quit smoking with it
  • ▪ Helps introverts
  • ▪ According to a study by the prestigious journal Nature, it can help with anti-inflammatory even in the case of covid-19

    CBD for better sex

    CBD helps with the desire for sex, but also with climax. By activating specific receptors, it reduces the level of cortisol – the silent killer of sexual desire. In addition, it expands blood vessels and ensures higher blood flow. It is therefore not surprising that it has an effect on the length and intensity of orgasm . According to a 2019 study, CBD increases the chance of a satisfying orgasm by more than 2x. In the Remedy review , 68% of respondents reported that CBD oil improved their sex . In women, it activates the parasympathetic nervous system, so they are more sensitive to the senses and enjoy sex more .

    before and after exercise

    The experience of athletes from all over the world confirms that with CBD you will put more into your body and enjoy your performance even more. Homeostasis is thrown off with every workout, but CBD restores it. It takes care of thermoregulation and protects the muscles, the analgesic effects of CBD will make the muscles hurt less. Recovery of muscle tissue after exercise is faster and more consistent. Many athletes have already taken CBD, such as Derrick Morgan, Rob Gronkowski, Floyd Landis, Ross Rebagliati, Gabby Douglas, Sabrina Wieser and others...

    CBD for acne

    Sebocytes – the cells in which sebum is produced – are prevented by CBD from overproducing sebum. In addition, it has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, so it also eliminates impurities and pathogens in the skin. Unlike conventional preparations, it has no side effects, so the skin does not redden, burn or dry out. CBD also protects against hormonal fluctuations, which are involved in the formation of acne . And acne scars disappear faster with it.

    Anti-aging CBD

    Aging is actually oxidation. From the age of twenty, we produce a percentage of less collagen every year. Free radicals in the environment and in the body accelerate aging. We fight against it with antioxidants, which on the contrary slow it down. CBD is a stronger antioxidant than vitamins A and C , prevents the breakdown of important enzymes and maintains a reasonable amount of collagen in the tissues. Healthy skin has its own immune system, the functionality of which CBD supports. The skin is thus healthier and looks younger.

    CBD for headache

    Studies confirm that CBD brings relief from headaches. Whether it was a migraine or a cluster headache (an unpleasant pain in the eyes and sleep that is more like a toothache and is mainly experienced by men), both CBD oil and CBD oil combined with THC reduced pain attacks by up to 50% .

    CBD for motion sickness – when you feel sick on the bus

    Are you one of those people who find it difficult to travel by car or bus? Are you embarrassed when the driver has to stop for you and even Kinedryl doesn't help? Motion sickness is not only a problem for children. In adulthood, it is also associated with unpleasant dizziness, cold sweat and headaches. We don't know the exact cause, which is why even well-known tricks often don't work. CBD can help. As an effective mediator of stress reactions in the body, it suppresses feelings of vomiting and prevents nausea.

    CBD in multiple sclerosis

    Multiple sclerosis is not a directly inherited disease, yet it appears in some families more often than others. If you have a family history of MS, you can protect yourself preventively. Research suggests that CBD helps maintain the myelin layer that surrounds nerves to function properly. When this insulating layer is disturbed, nerve impulses are poorly transmitted, muscle spasm occurs and the muscle stops moving. CBD prevents the degradation of myelin and relieves the spasms and pains that complicate MS unpleasantly.

    CBD when you want to quit smoking

    By taking CBD, you can reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke as a smoker. In one study it was up to 40%! The reasons are psychological and physiological. CBD effectively suppresses withdrawal symptoms, which greatly complicate the transition to a life without cigarettes. In addition, it affects hormones and induces pleasant feelings. Cigarettes – the apparent solution to stress and anxiety – are suddenly simply not needed .

    CBD for introverts

    Sensitive people get more stressed. It is a subconscious process that depletes their organism without them knowing it. Introverts, just like autistics, belong to hypersensitive people. CBD is effective against stress and anxiety and helps introverts cope with many a difficult social situation. German psychology student blogger Julia writes sympathetically about it .