9 tips for better sleep in hot summer weather

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Sleeping in hot weather

Almost everyone knows it, it's time to go to bed, but it's still well over 20 degrees outside and the temperature inside doesn't differ much. You lie down, roll over, sweat, can't sleep. It is logical, because the ideal temperature for sleep is 18 - 19 °C. We have several tips for you to make sleeping in the summer heat at least a little more pleasant, whether it is how to expel hot air from your home or how to cool your body for better sleep. We divided them into three blocks.

Air cooling

1. The most effective and, at the same time, the most expensive way to get rid of the tedious ones. temperatures in the house, is the air conditioning . However, it is often a complex solution. In addition to classic wall-mounted air conditioners, mobile air conditioners are popular, but they also have their pitfalls in the form of warm air extraction and a smaller air-conditioned area.

If you decide on air conditioning, be sure to pay attention to its location. The flowing air should not have obstacles and should not be directed directly at you. The difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature should range between 5-6 °C max.

2. Probably the most common way of cooling (even though it doesn't actually cool anything) in our homes is a fan . There are an incredible number of variants available. You can have a ceiling fan, a free-standing fan or just a small one that you put on your bedside table. Their disadvantage is noise. If you are thinking about buying a fan, the most important thing is its performance, i.e. how quickly it can change the air in the room. If you have small children or pets, also focus on safety features.

3. A more pleasant temperature in the room is also induced by an air humidifier , which is a great helper all year round. The correct air humidity in an apartment or house should be between 40-60%.

Drinking regimen

Body cooling

4. Although a cold shower before bed might seem like a solution, avoid it. If you are not an experienced hardener and you suddenly expose your body to the cold, it will start to balance the temperature quickly and you will just feel warmer. Therefore, it is recommended to take a lukewarm shower and drink a glass of lukewarm water before going to bed. A regular drinking regimen throughout the day is ideal .

5. Instead of a shower, you can take a thermos bottle with cold water and ice to bed. Alternatively, apply a bottle or a cold compress to places such as the knees, wrists and neck, which help us cool down. Socks that you soak in cold water can also help, just wring them out well before putting them on.

If you need a duvet to fall asleep, do not cover your legs , mainly through them our body cools. Another option is to use a sheet or the duvet cover itself instead of a classic blanket, following the example of our colleagues in the south , which is much weaker and will be less hot under it.

6. A perhaps unconventional tip for some is to put the sheets in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before going to bed (be careful, don't put them there "just like that", but wrapped in plastic). In the summer, you should mainly use the classic cotton, which is breathable, or the bamboo fiber, which is very popular today. Definitely choose natural materials and avoid synthetic ones. The same goes for clothes. It is not recommended to sleep completely naked, but to have at least underwear or a longer T-shirt.

7. Use glycine. This amino acid is a good helper for better sleep in the heat. As is well known, the onset of sleep is accompanied by a decrease in body temperature, and glycine is the substance that slightly lowers the body's core temperature. Three to five grams of glycine 30 minutes before bed is guaranteed to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better.

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You can be absolutely sure that you will have quality sleep even in hot weather.

What not to do before bed

8. Ventilate. They say that for better sleep you should ventilate your bedroom before going to bed , in times of great heat you should just let warm air in. It is best to ventilate in the morning when the air is even cooler. Alternatively, if you wake up during the night, open the window now that it's a bit cooler. If you have the option, keep the blinds/blinds closed in the bedroom during the day , or blackout curtains .

9. If you are a sports lover, it is recommended to exercise in the morning on warm summer days, because exercise warms up the body. It is not recommended to do sports just before going to bed because of the awakening of the organism.