8 tips to avoid a hangover

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Clear tips on how not to have a hangover. We have written everything concisely and clearly. Gradually in chronological order as you enjoy a relaxing evening.

1. Prepare properly

Eating is the basis. This slows down the absorption of alcohol. Food rich in protein, fiber and water is ideal. This is, for example, meat, for vegetarians hummus and vegetables.

2. The drink matters!

Alcoholic beverages differ in composition. They all contain water and ethanol, but the other ingredients are varied. They are called congeners and are one of the causes of hangovers. Clear alcohols (such as vodka) contain the fewest, while dark alcohols (e.g. bourbon) contain the most.

You get drunk faster after drinks that contain bubbles. On the contrary, mixing different types of alcohol makes hangovers worse myth !

3. Drink soft drinks too

Intersperse the alcohol with some soft drink throughout the evening. You will thus prevent typical symptoms such as headache and dry mouth.

4. Try the Hangover product

Mindflow Hangover is a unique combination of 11 natural substances such as milk thistle and Mexican prickly pear.

It speeds up the metabolism of harmful substances, replenishes the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body loses during the evening. It also increases the body's antioxidant capacity, so it protects it from damage. You can read the detailed mechanism of how the Hangover product works in our article .

Jak nemít kocovinu

5. Move during the evening

Movement during the evening speeds up the metabolism and to some extent speeds up the metabolism of harmful substances. Fresh air also helps with acute nausea. So at your next party, don't hesitate to dance your shoes off, you're actually doing it for your health!

6. Smoking and other substances make hangovers worse

Cigarette smoke contains acetaldehyde. The same substance that ethanol is metabolized into and causes a hangover. By smoking, you increase its concentration in the body and make the hangover worse.

7. Get some sleep

Get at least 7 hours of sleep. The body needs to regenerate and it does this best in sleep. Studies attribute many of the symptoms we perceive as hangover symptoms to sleep deficit.

8. Hearty breakfast the next day

A sweet breakfast will help you on your feet. The body needs to replenish sugars after night. A sweet breakfast or perhaps fruit juice is best for this purpose. And don't be afraid to treat yourself to a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, what to avoid with an arch?

Grandma's advice - to take a "deliverer" or another shot in the morning - will only delay the hangover. In addition, your liver will definitely not thank you. Even painkillers are not the right nut for health.

Do you have any tips of your own on how to avoid a hangover? 🙂 Do not hesitate to write to us, at Facebook or Instagram you can find us day or night.