Your Ultimate Flow

Your Ultimate Flow

Do you want a completely unique product tailored to your daily needs and your unique biology? Now you have the opportunity! Thanks to genetic and blood tests, we will determine the levels of vitamins, minerals, and stress values. In a personal interview, we will analyze your lifestyle and your goals.

Subsequently, we will create unique products with a customized composition that will mimic the needs of your body. From balancing mineral and vitamin deficiencies to their equilibrium. From increasing productivity and focus, to reducing stress, supporting sleep or longevity, to improving athletic performance. The possibilities are endless.

As part of the service, you will receive a full DNA test, determination of substances from blood and saliva, and a customized product supply for 12 months.

Product testing and production takes 3 months.

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Maximum efficiency

No unnecessary chemistry

What does the product contain?

Entry online consultation (approximately 60 minutes) including goal and needs definition. It involves a detailed analysis of your lifestyle and the pre-setting of the product concept.

Comprehensive genetic testing providing information on health risks, how the body handles stress, absorbs nutrients, as well as over 240 other genetic predispositions related to drug metabolism, disease predispositions, and physical traits that you can leverage for maximum quality of life. DNA results evaluation takes up to 60 days.

Blood and saliva testing providing precise information on vitamin and mineral levels and also the cortisol level development throughout the day. Together with the lifestyle analysis, we can thoroughly assess the current state of the body with long-term implications from DNA, blood, and saliva results.

Follow-up online consultation with result evaluation, personalized supplement proposal, and alignment of shared goals covering all long-term life aspects. We will specify how to use the products and provide recommendations for optimizing lifestyle.

Development of a unique personalized product - we will send you the final composition proposal for approval. Production and delivery of the personalized product for 12 months (approximately 1-2 months from approval of the final product form). The product is packaged in large doses divided according to individual goals, including practical packaging for easy handling or travel.

Discount on personalized supplement for the following year.

Unique discounts of up to 30% on additional Flow products of your choice.

From idea to product


Detailed diagnosis of lifestyle

We will discuss your lifestyle with you; eating, exercise/sport, habits, level of stress and more. We will determine which areas to focus on to make the supplementation as effective as possible.


Testing the organism

The initial testing includes several tests, including a DNA test, a saliva and blood test (all from the comfort of your home), which will show you and us more closely how the organism works. Testing provides information about, for example, how the body absorbs nutrients, about the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other substances, about health risks, how caffeine works, information about stress patterns, possibilities for optimizing well-being and much more. With this information, we will be able to very precisely develop a product with a unique composition directly for your needs.


Development of a unique tailor-made product

The development of the product composition will correspond to your needs and the needs of the organism. We will go over the final composition with you and explain how to use the product. You will receive a supplement for 1 year that will match your needs. It will contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements, substances to support immunity, sleep, reduce stress and support brain functions. The product can consist of several products used during the day, or one complex product. Choice of capsule size is also an option. Everything according to your wishes.

Personalized composition to your needs

Personalized composition

Tailor-made for you!

More information

How to use the product?

When to use?

According to specific needs

How many capsules?

According to specific needs.

Drink with water

For proper dissolution and absorption, drink at least a glass of water.

More information

It is not a substitute for a varied diet. The product is not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place up to 25 °C. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Content weight: to be specified


This product or any part thereof is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Advantageous packages


Yes, this is not a wannabe personalized composition. The composition of this product will be developed directly for you according to your needs. It will be a unique composition that no one else in the world will have.

In the case of genetic testing, you will receive a sample collection kit at home. Exact sampling instructions will be inside the sampling kit. The type of testing will be specified depending on your goals. Most often, testing takes place by taking saliva from the mouth and blood from a finger. You can take all tests from the comfort of your own home.