How to get rid of a hangover?

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How to get rid of a hangover?

What to do if you overdo it in the evening and wake up in the morning with a hangover? That's what every one of us wanted to know at some point. There have already been many studies on this topic and countless trials in practice, we have put everything together and will give you a brief overview of the best practices to get rid of a hangover!

With a hangover, the body is dehydrated, the liver has its hands full breaking down substances, the sugar level is high and we are usually sleepless.

1. Have breakfast

If you haven't overdone it to the point where you can't keep your breakfast down, it's a good idea to have breakfast. There are a lot of tips on the internet called " Hangover Food " . Here we will only mention the researched ones or those on which you will understand the principle and then you will choose what you like.

We need to supplement vitamins, minerals and sugar. On the contrary, we don't need anything acidic.

  • Eggs - contain L-cysteine, which helps with acetaldehyde . This is also the reason why our product contains.
  • Bananas – replenish sugars and potassium, which the body lost during the evening.
  • Honey – in addition to glucose, it also adds around 35% fructose. According to a study on 50 adults, it accelerates the breakdown of ethanol.
  • Blueberries – they contain antioxidants and help the immune system. According to many studies, throwing off the immune system is one of the triggers for hangovers.
  • Soup – replenishes the water and minerals of the substance. Suitable, for example, if you wake up at lunchtime...

2. Coffee

There are no conclusive studies that identify coffee as an ideal way to get rid of a hangover. It depends on everyone whether they like coffee or not. Coffee dehydrates you even more, so be even more careful about your drinking regime.

3. Drink, hydrate

Although we advise in the article that every alcoholic drink should be interspersed with a non-alcohol drink - hands on heart - who followed it. In the morning, it is important to replenish fluids – to replenish sugars, sweet juice comes in handy. Mineral water, in turn, replenishes minerals and alleviates the overacidification of the organism .

4. Pain medication?

The short answer is no.

Explanation: Although they may help you with pain, they will do far more damage to the stomach and liver. Enzymes are busy with the metabolism of alcohol and acetaldehyde and do not have time to break down the drugs, which will cause more side effects than usual. If you still can't bring yourself to take the medicine, we would at least advise that it is a less harmful solution to take it in the morning than to take it in the evening before going to bed. At the same time, if you have to choose something, then ibuprofen - it has fewer negative effects on our organs than, for example, aspirin or paracetamol. But always look in the package leaflet.

5. A shot in the morning

"Babská rada" shot in the morning has surprisingly scientifically proven effects on alleviating hangover symptoms. But! It will only help the hangover by delaying it. At the same time, it is another burden on the liver.

Explanation: Alcohol binds to important structures in the body better than the harmful substances that cause a hangover, and therefore "displaces" them. But only for a moment. Then it is metabolized and becomes another burden.

6. Sleep

Studies show that sleeping at least 7 hours reduces hangovers by 80%. If you couldn't do it, it's possible that many of the symptoms are just from lack of sleep. The body regenerates best during sleep. So if you have a hangover, sleep is one of the few guaranteed things

7. Light movement

Light exercise or a walk will help start your body better. The metabolism will speed up and you will put the body under a moderate load. Toxins are flushed out of the body faster and the fresh air helps with fatigue and pain.

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