5 tips to fight fatigue

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Autumn, cold weather, less sunshine. The first coffee within five minutes of waking up, the next within an hour. And regularly add caffeine, so that it somehow lasts until the evening. Do you think it has to go the other way? We agree! No, constant fatigue is not normal, even if the beginning of the 21st century tries to make it seem so. So you don't have to feel guilty at all if you want to treat yourself to 8 hours of sleep and sometimes replace the hard work drill with relaxation. The body, and especially the brain, will thank you for it.

We asked which fatigue-busting tricks work for you. So you won't find here the results of any distant studies with inapplicable recommendations. It's advice from people. For you.

Council No. 1 - ZEN

Well, we'll leave the Zen calm to the masters of the Eastern world, but a little of that mental well-being will benefit everyone. Chronic stress is the main trigger of long-term fatigue. How you spin it is up to you. For some, a short afternoon walk or half an hour on a yoga mat is the real deal, while others relax the most during a short excursion into the world of fantasy thanks to books. Anything that allows you to reboot your mind a little.

"For a long time, I was sneaking up on sleep during the week and catching up on the weekends. But my energy levels were dropping and dropping, and I was surviving rather than enjoying the work days."

— Adéla K. university student

Advice No. 2. - Take twenty

Powernap, nap, twenty-five after lunch... there are many names for a few minutes of sleep that kickstarts the body and brain. A power nap will improve memory, concentration and energy. It will reduce stress and, on the contrary, increase creativity. Wow, that sounds like a good deal! So how about him?

Find a quiet place where you feel safe. Many companies arrange relaxation rooms where their employees can recharge their batteries. It takes 10 to 30 minutes to reset, after which you could fall into a deep sleep and wake up confused as a bee. Don't you fall asleep that quickly? It doesn't matter, even closing your eyes for a short time will help clear your mind of worries and thoughts.

"Did you know that...?"
100m sprint superstar Usain Bolt has taken a nap on numerous occasions before breaking the world record.

Advice No. 3 - The right fuel

Sleep and food are two such connected vessels. You may have noticed yourself that when you are tired, you have a greater appetite for food. It's not a coincidence. Lack of sleep causes a higher level of a hormone that induces a feeling of hunger and at the same time suppresses the production of a related hormone that triggers a feeling of satiety.

In the same way that a locomotive does not run on hay, we cannot ask our body to perform at the highest level when we treat it with some goddamn piece of junk. So treat yourself to a good breakfast, small snacks and avoid heavy meals, after which our energy automatically drops to freezing point. Professional terminus technicus: afternoon dementia or gastrodementia . 🙂

Also focus on pampering your body with enough minerals and vitamins as well. One common mineral that causes sleep problems is magnesium . It can easily be supplemented with a magnesium-rich diet or extra supplementation.

Tip #4 - Drink it up

And no, we're not talking about beer. One of the frequent tips you wrote to us is to drink enough water during the day. At first glance, the connection between the drinking regime and fatigue is not visible, but try it and you will feel it yourself. 🙂

Also, pay attention to cups of coffee - they won't give you the hydration you need, on the contrary, they'll take away a bit for themselves. Today's time focused on performance, which we often look for precisely in caffeine. However, this is only a short-term replacement, which is soon followed by the so-called caffeine crush, i.e. a sharp drop in energy due to a decrease in the level of caffeine in the body. And guess what? Yes, we usually drink it down with another horse dose of coffee. ☕️

There are alternatives that give you energy and concentration even without caffeine. From our stable, we can certainly offer you Mindflow Decaf , a unique combination of natural substances without caffeine that stimulates brain functions. If you don't want to give up a cup of coffee, try Active Coffee , which, thanks to the added substances, eliminates a sharp drop in energy, on the contrary, effectively supports cognitive abilities.

Tip #5 - One, two, three!

Fatigue has its function. It is an indicator that is supposed to warn us against excessive exhaustion. But did you know that it works just as sensitively to lack of activity? If you've ever been stuck at home all day, maybe you've wondered in the evening that you're terribly tired, even though you have nothing to do. Yeah, that's exactly it. Not every day is light (understand the time for a three-hour workout), but you can take the stairs to save energy for the elevator, get off one stop earlier or walk to a more distant restaurant every day.

Ultimate advice
If you take away only one piece of advice today, it should be this – baby steps. If you try to implement all the changes at once, you will probably give up soon. Rather, gradually welcome small changes into your life and see how many miles you can go with it in the end. 🙂