Biohacking Bundle

Biohacking Bundle

For those who want it all. For those who won't settle for the low quality of common dietary supplements. For those who want to delve into the world of biohacking and make themselves comfortable in it. Discover 8 effective products that will help you fine-tune your life to perfection. From supporting sleep and the nervous system, through vitamins and minerals for the whole body, to a unique product for slowing down aging. Biohacking in its purest form.

We automatically send the variant of Daily Essentials based on gender for your order. (We send Daily Essentials Woman to women and Daily Essentials Man to men.) Otherwise, please write the change in the order notes.

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Wow, you are serious about biohacking! And you are definitely at the right address. In the package you will find the best of each section - cognitive function (Focus, Advanced Mind), body support (Daily Essentials), vitamins and minerals (Omega 3, D3K2, Mg 2.0, Hangover), quality sleep (Sleep, CBD+CBG oil) and the completely unique Longevity product.

Biohacking package

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Before the effect



Variants differ according to the products they contain and their size.

Yes, the packages are created so that the products complement each other and can be used at the same time.

We have compiled the package so that you have a natural force at hand (almost) in all situations of study life. As a bonus, we add a discount of 35-40% compared to the purchase of individual products.